Attorney Mark R. Hall has experience with local zoning and land use issues including rezonings, annexations, land use amendments, and comprehensive plan amendments.

Owning property does not always mean using property how you wish.  Comprehensive Plans, Zoning, and Land Use regulations are designed to create a structured system of development, and to separate incompatible uses.  But the dynamic of an area changes over time.  Sometimes these plans and regulations can be amended to suit the current environment of a particular location.  Mark R. Hall, P.A. represents clients needing to change the zoning or land use designations of their property to suit their needs.  Our firm has experience in obtaining zoning changes, land use amendments, annexations, variances, and many forms of local government approvals.  If you have a question about a land use or zoning issue with your property, and would like to speak with an attorney , please contact us.